Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy relates to the application of high energy sound-waves to create a cavitational force to stimulate healing…

It has been found to be effective for tendon, bone, and joint issues. It really does improve the chances of clinical success in stubborn cases.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy included Shockwave within our code of practice from 2012. We are constantly striving to provide the very best treatments for our clients, and Shockwave is certainly cutting edge technology.

The Clinic is proud to state that we are the first Physiotherapy clinic in Sheffield to incorporate this technology for patient care; we have delivered more than 17,000,000 pulses of Shockwave in the last 5 years. Our experience has shown us that Radial Shockwave devices are far inferior to Focused Shockwave Devices.

We use the EMS Piezoclast Focsued Shockwave Device - this penetrates deeper than radial devices and offers a more comfortable treatment; this is important when treating sensitive arthritic issues or small anatomical areas, such as typical climber’s finger injuries.

So, if you are currently paying a premium for Radial Shockwave treatment, we suggest you reconsider your treatment options.

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