At The Clinic, our practitioners offer two massage specialisms: Sports Massage and Remedial/Soft Tissue Massage…

Massage helps to relieve muscular aches, pain and tension whether caused by sporting activity, repetitive or stressful daily activities, injury or illness and prolonged inactivity. It benefits both acute and long standing conditions. It is suitable for everyone of all ages and occupations. The treatment varies between very firm through to gentle depending on what is appropriate; the therapist will develop with the client a personal treatment plan based on what the client is presenting with and what the desired outcome is. 

Sports Massage refers to the firm manipulation of the soft tissues of the body; this produces a holistic effect on the body which can help manage and rehabilitate injuries and assist recovery from training.

Sports Massage is proven to help maintain peak performance and prevent injury, as well as relieving pain caused by muscle tension and injury, effectively restoring the efficiency of the body whatever your type and level of sport. Before events it can stimulate or relax as appropriate, and be an adjunct to a warm-up routine to improve micro-circulation, flexibility and tissue elasticity to maximise performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Immediately after an event, appropriate massage can reduce symptoms of over-use such as stiffness and pain. If recovering from injury, once the acute stage has passed appropriate massage can improve circulation to the affected area to facilitate healing. Once healed, gently stretching the tissues helps them to realign and reduces adhesions and scar tissue, whilst mobilisation helps restore full range of movement.

Massage treatment can also prevent secondary problems developing as the body compensates for the injured area. This is all part of achieving a speedy return to normal sporting activity. 

Remedial massage or Soft Tissue Therapy is a deep tissue treatment using specialist techniques tailored to the needs of the individual being treated. It can help with postural, accident and work related muscular problems such as whiplash, headaches, sciatica, RSI and back and neck stiffness or pain. It is beneficial alongside other treatments to ensure good recovery from surgery and injury. Treatment includes postural assessment to identify underlying factors; exercises and stretches may be recommended alongside massage to achieve lasting benefit. 

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